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Fact: “Running amok” is a medically recognized mental condition

Considered a culturally bound syndrome, a person “running amok” in Malaysia starts with a period of brooding and then commits a sudden, frenzied mass attack. Continue..

Arnold Collins

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Louis Morris

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daniel Morales 615-4120-g1028-N63 1353577371
Lisa Vargas 920-1476-g7374-W94 2425833354
Pamela White 126-9666-p9177-P84 1492157089
Frank Pangilinan 475-7756-a7388-D56 9019142730
Ryan Esguerra 659-5479-e8240-J24 3532584743
Stephen Aquino 854-8233-r5310-O54 2095991385
Nenita Gomez 163-7196-h5149-F55 6901815706
Marilyn Mercado 179-2238-v1337-E34 2104608162
Harold Toledo 776-8634-a334-B20 8831464753
Joshua Vargas 729-8220-y4243-W53 6751503888
Roy Baker 268-9509-r8612-N37 8658633577
Noah Turner 479-8657-v4880-U51 4735558286
Mason Carter 139-8383-o1643-F45 5769619260
Lisa Robinson 801-4612-t9302-W68 3605024656
Evelyn Perez 540-9702-l5657-W28 6893690704
daniel Perez 366-8423-r6342-N34 4598033529
Noah Reyers 381-1582-l7624-C13 8045584996
Carol Wright 612-5881-n1826-G40 8682346056
Elizabeth Martinez 509-1384-471-7210-86 4362360969
Rodrigo Valencia 600-893-z5105-G22 6187197542
Jennifer William 156-1360-k5481-W69 2413957876
Jeremy eut 433-6501-l9026-F92 3050816652
Francisco Thompson 976-9669-r1499-E39 7632417325
Alan Morales 154-8692-j234-H12 4445010810

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